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War Room” Established to Screen Foreign Returns

Bengaluru : As the deadly epidemic started spreading widely with those arrived from other countries, the state government has made compulsion of undergoing all exit norms including the COVID-19 tests.

Speaking to news persons here on Saturday, CM Yeddyurappa said those come to the state from other countries must undergo a few newly added tests to avoid state from suffering with the ‘
Corona disease. The government has started “War Room” where the foreign returned must undergo tests before entering into the state. “Whose test reports are satisfactory will be allowed in the state, if not would be referred to the health department for immediate quarantine to avoid harm to the society, ” he said.

He said the state has got stored sufficient ration to feed, people need not to be worried. The BPL card holders are being given two months ration in advance.

Yeddyurappa said the government has made clear the easy purchasing vegetable, fruit from the farmers. He added that the APMCs have been instruct to buy the horticulture produces for the good rate and not to harass the farmers in paying the bills.

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