Nine Minutes ‘Blackout” from 9pm on Sunday

New Delhi : Entire nation undergoing lockdown to kill deadly epidemic Corona Virus since 11 days, has to witness “Blackout” for nine minutes from 9pm on Sunday. There will be no power supply to the residents from 9pm to 9.09pm, however, power supply will be undisrupted to streetlights and hospitals.

The Central Power Ministry disconnecting the power to the domestic consumers to meet the intention of PM Narendra Modi of holding the lit candle, torch, light-on cellphone etc in front, on the terrace of the houses, to ask the superpower to give strength to defeat the power like Corona virus.

There would be no need of switching off TV, refrigerator, air condition machines as the power off will be alike regular untimely disconnections. There would also be no harm to any power grids with power disconnection.

There would also be no chances for the anti-social elements of misutilising the occasion.

“The department is all set to make success the procedure, there will be no damage to any household electronic equipment with disconnection of power”,

Sanjeev Nandan Sahay

Principal Secretary, Power Supply Dept
Govt of India


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