Corona Suspected Woman Raped by Doctor at Isolation Ward, Victim Dies

Patna (Bihar) : In an inhuman act, a doctor raped a woman admitted at Isolation ward for suspected COVID-19 was raped by a duty doctor for two days. The victim who recently got aborted her two month foetus was died due to heavy bleeding.

The cruel incident took place at Anugrah Narayan Medical College and Hospital at Gaya in Bihar on April 2 and 3.

The 25-year-old woman from Ludhiyana in Punjab who was bleeding for miscarriage been to the Gaya hospital with her husband on March 25 and got admitted to on March 27. She was admitted at the ICU and on April 1 was shifted to Isolation ward for C-19 as there were suspected symptoms of C-19 found in her.

She was the only patient in the ward and her husband was made to stay outside the ward. The night duty doctor allegedly raped her on April 2 and 3. She was discharged from the Isolation ward and from the hospital as her C-19 test report was negative.

However, her bleeding was not stopped even after going back to home, she used to remain silence and after inquired she briefed what happened at Isolation ward at hospital. Her mother-in-law has filed a complaint with police at Ludiyana.


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