Vijaypur : A private school teacher has been arrested by police for biting one of the ears of the police constable’s ears in in the heated quarrel between both in connection to handing over the keys of the government auditorium to quarantine the people of the people shifted to other places for job.

A few labourers from the district had been to other states, districts for jobs were returned to Vijaypur on Thursday morning. Vijaypur Tahasildar Mohankumari, with her staff and police been to Ainapur Tanda, a place where Lambhani community resides, and asked for the keys of the government Samudaya Bhavan to quarantine the returned labourers.

The keys of the auditorium whicj were with private school teacher Suresh Chavan refused to give, in between the argument he allegedly bite an ear of the police constable trying to forcibly take the keys.

Based on the complaint of Tahasildar Mohankumari the police arrested teacher Chavan.


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