Sadashivnagar Locked for 28 days, Entire City to be Corona-free from May 17, If no Fresh Cases Hits

Belagavi: If no positives cases of COVID-19 found, entire Belagavi city, except Sadashivnagar, would be open for public movement from May 17.

All those from Belagavi city tested positive were cured and discharged and as those quarantined were also detected negative the city would be declared Corona-Free where people can move anywhere without restriction.

There would be no Containment zones in the city if no fresh cases broke till May 17. May 17 is the last day of Lockdown-3, even if Lockdown-4 announced and there were no cases in the city it would be declared Open

However, Sadashivnagar where a infected person traced on Thursday will be locked for 28 days. Entire locality has been declared Containment zone.


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