“MAHA Corona” Hits State on Third Day with Highest 90 Cases, Today 127 Positives on Record

Belagavi : The state is being hit rashly also on the third consecutive day by “Maharashtra Corona Virus” with 90 infected out of traced 127 positives on Tuesday.

Those arrived to the state after allowed to travel other states, Karnataka is being filled with the infected from Maharashtra, especially from Mumbai. The Maharashtra tally on Sunday and Monday was above 50 and it was highest ever 90 on Tuesday. Tuesday’s record was highest ever after the pandemic broke out as the state witnessed 127 cases on a single day.

Mandya suffered badly also on Tuesday with ‘Maharashtra Corona” as it has highest in the state with 51 positives of which more from Maharashtra.
Out of 127, 59 are women who all are under observation at respective COVID-19 wards.


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