State Temporarily Banned Entry of People from Maharashtra, C-19 Growing with Entry from MAHA

Bengaluru : Though late, the state has taken a drastic decision of banning entry of people to the state through Maharashtra to put a break to growing COVID-19 virus.

CM Yeddyurappa, on Friday after Video Conferencing with Deputy Commissioners of Mandya and Chickaballapur which affected badly with entry of people from Maharashtra instructed all the administrative heads of the district to prevent immediately the entry of people from Maharashtra.

He said the prevention was for a temporary period and people to the state through Maharashtra would be welcomed once things goes right. He said with the effective implementation of norms, the virus in the state was under control, however, the number of the infected spreading alike wildfire after people blocked in other places were allowed to go to their places.

“People’ entry from Maharashtra has uprooted the administrative control on the Corona Virus is vanished”, he said.

“The Corona Virus was under control in the state, however, things left out from hand after allowed inside people from Maharashtra. Without alternate, the state has taken the extreme step”,

BS Yeddyurappa
CM, Karnataka


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